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The Genesis controller is the first product to make hydroponics easy, accessible, and automated so that anyone can adopt hydroponic farming. The Genesis constantly monitors your plants throughout the day and makes sure they are getting all the proper food and water they need during every phase of their growth - feeding them with up to 4 different nutrients, water, or pH solutions!

The Genesis controller has a mini computer which senses electrical conductivity, pH and temperature with probes. Using data about the plants, it will make sure that the water and nutrients going to the plants are optimal at all times, rain, shine, night or day.

Technical Specifications
5 x Nutrient dosing settings
4 x Ultra precise peristaltic dosing pumps
4 x 1 qt. Removable nutrient bottle holders
1 x Backlit LCD screen
1 x Electrical conductivity probe
1 x pH conductivity probe
Option to add additional 4 dosing pump + nutrient holders
2 x Built in adjustable grips for any hydroponic system & reservoir
1 x Temperature probe
1 x High-speed controller chip
Programmable nutrient schedule

Designed for the General Hydroponics Flora Series

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We are focused on creating a de-centralized urban culture by developing and using new technology for residential and industrial purpose self-sustaining gardens.

At Sustainable Microfarms, we develop innovative technologies that break down these barriers and enable new business models for growers, distributors and retailers alike.  Hydroponic farming is a method that has many benefits: reduced water usage, increased yields, shorter growing cycles, less required acreage and a natural protection from the environmental risks that plague traditional outdoor farms.  Well then, why isn’t everyone farming using hydroponics?  Same answer!  It’s new, it’s complicated, and it used to be expensive… until now! 

To encourage the adoption of these more efficient methods, we offer control systems that automate the regulation of nutrients and key environmental factors.  We also offer integrated grow systems that provide out-of-the-box solutions for personal and professional growers. With the evolution of indoor farming techniques, farming and food production is becoming not only feasible, but also economical in places that were never possible.  From greenhouses in the desert to vertical farms located near dense urban centers, we are revolutionizing not only how, but also where we can grow our food.  With the shortening of food supply chains, we can reduce spoilage, time to consumer, transportation costs, and oil consumption.  With the environmental insulation that naturally comes from indoor growing, food production becomes possible in harsh climates.  Arid countries that lack potable water currently import much of their food supply, which creates a serious food security issue in times of drought and war.