Sustainable Microfarms was founded on the idea of doing more with less.  In a world of scarce resources and a growing global population, food security is an issue that many countries, governments, communities and families face.  We simply cannot afford to be inefficient and wasteful with our land, water and food.

With an eye on the future, we at Sustainable Microfarms constantly strive to develop new and innovative products and solutions that make the most efficient farming methods simpler, more accessible, and more economical.  From integrated environmental management systems to fully automated greenhouses, SMF is investing in the sustainable future of our planet.

Our Story:

Sanjay Rajpoot, SMF founder and CEO, was shocked to discover that there are proven farming technologies and growing methods that provide solutions to many of the biggest challenges facing traditional farming and the global food industry.  The idea for Sustainable Microfarms came when he sought to answer why these technologies and methods hadn’t been adopted on a global scale.

Inevitably, the answer is complicated, but it boils down to a few key reasons.  First, like with any new technology, change is scary.  Traditional farmers are naturally risk-averse and unlikely to be early adopters of new technology.  Additionally, the other stakeholders in global food supply chains fear increased competition and profit erosion.  Secondly, these more efficient methods have knowledge barriers and represent the beginning of a farming revolution more than an evolution.  Thirdly, they have traditionally been expensive and required large up-front capital investments.

Sustainable Microfarms develops and brings to market solutions that tackle each of these challenges.